What we do

The Art Room has eight studios – inspiring, joyful places where children can express themselves, explore their identity and thrive.

There are colourful pictures everywhere, paint-splattered table cloths, jars of jewel-like beads and buttons and numerous shades of acrylic paint to spark a child’s imagination. 

Design blueprint

Every studio is shaped by a design blueprint. They have sofas where students relax and chat, tables where art projects are created and a communal area for sharing food. The sofa area is comfortable and cosy, art materials can be easily accessed and children are free to experiment with paints without fear of making a mess. 

Using professional-grade materials, students carefully transform quality, everyday objects, like chairs, lampshades, trays, coffee tables and aprons, into unique, creative artworks that can be taken home as a permanent reminder of their achievement.

Instilling pride

Feeling proud, students can show their art to their school and friends, and take it home to their families. Our Art Rooms are filled with their inspired pieces of art, which we take every opportunity to display – from local venues where it can be celebrated by the local community, through to highly prestigious venues, like Selfridges and Dickinson Gallery.

A typical first project will involve transforming a plain wooden clock face into a self portrait. Later a clock mechanism is added so children can take home a fully functioning clock. The artwork is important, but what brings real value is the therapeutic intervention that takes place in the background.

Gaining trust

As our practitioners slowly gain children’s trust over a series of sessions, students tend to feel more confident and able to talk about the challenges they face. This gentle dialogue enables The Art Room practitioners to begin the process of structuring tailored support for each child.