“On Thursdays, I wake up, jump out of bed, get dressed and run down stairs. I don’t want to be late for The Art Room.”

Year 4 student

“At The Art Room the clock is magic, the time seems to go more quickly”.

Year 5 student

“When you’ve had something as good as The Art Room you think about it for a long time afterwards.”

Year 8 student

Art Rooms

Coats hanging up outside

The Art Room at Oxford Spires Academy, Oxford - Alexandra’s Room

Clare Keep and her colleagues work with students from Oxford Spires and two primary schools - East Oxford, and St Francis. Recent projects have been based on artists Hundertwasser and Julian Opie and the work that the students have created has been of a very high standard which has had a huge impact on the students’ confidence and self-worth.


The Art Room at Rose Hill Primary School, Oxford - Pippa’s Room

Lisa Hancock and her colleagues work with children from Year 1 to Year 6. Each week they work with 70 children. The Art Room willl be offering family workshops to parents / carers from the school.


The Art Room at Orchard Meadow, Oxford

Catherine Sandford and her colleagues work with children from the school as well as from Windale Primary and Mabel Pritchard Specialist School


The Art Room at Matthew Arnold School, Oxford

The Art Room at Matthew Arnold was set up in September 2011 as a ‘pop up’ project where we have a designated room at this thriving secondary school. Currently, we are working with students from Years 7-11 who have varying needs, such as non-attendance,ill health and distinct needs such as Autistic Spectrum disorders.


The Stephen Freeman Art Room, Didcot

Working in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council’s South East Early Intervention Service the Stephen Freeman Art Room welcomes children from the Didcot and Wallingford School Partnership. Opened in February 2013, we currently work with 54 children and young people. In the coming months, referrals from schools and services across the Oxfordshire South East area will be welcomed. The children are currently painting stools inspired by the rainforest and have been painting animals, insects and reptiles.


The Art Room at Robert Blair Primary School, London - The Outset Family Room

Funded by the Outset Contemporary Art Fund, The Art Room at Robert Blair school is open for a total of 4 days a week. 3 ˝ days with children and ˝ day with Parents and Carers.


'...We are very excited about the benefits that The Art Room can bring to our own school community and the wider community of schools in the area. We have many vulnerable children who are already accessing the support of The Art Room's structured and nurturing therapeutic environment where they can have a fresh start and find success in the art-based activities. We strongly believe that the arts play a crucial role in building children's self-esteem and confidence, enabling them to go on to be creative, thoughtful members of society.'

Mark Miller, Head Teacher of Robert Blair Primary School


The ICAP Art Room at Northolt High School, Ealing

Since September 2013, children from Ealing Borough have been benefiting from The Art Room and Senior Practitioners who offer small group sessions and invaluable therapeutic intervention at a time they most need it. This Art Room was made possible through the generous support of the ICAP Charity Day in December 2012.

Each week up to 60 students from Ealing benefit from a session in the ICAP Art Room. “The Art Room has been a wonderful and most welcome addition to the learning community of Northolt High School. It is a beautiful space that is providing a high quality intervention led by professional and dedicated staff. The Art Room models a standard of excellence that is the goal of the whole school and coheres with the school motto 'Excellence as a Habit'. We look forward to the ongoing impact that the Art Room will have on the attitudes, confidence and sense of safety of some of our most vulnerable learners.” Gloria Lowe, Head Teacher, Northolt High School.


Edinburgh Art Room at Wester Hailes Education Centre

Later in 2014 the first Scottish Art Room will open at the Wester Hailes Education Centre Art Room to offer art as therapy for those facing challenges in their lives. Once the Art Room has been established at Wester Hailes, it is hoped that children from across the city will also benefit from the support of The Art Room.

Working in collaboration with Maxine Sloss and a group of dedicated Edinburgh based Art Room supporters, Sheila Paton, Principal of Wester Hailes Education Centre will front the campaign and work with The Art Room’s main office in Oxford to follow their highly successful formula. Local Edinburgh based practitioners will attend Art Room Practitioner training in Oxford in early 2014.

“Our School motto is 'Together we will succeed' and working with The Art Room encapsulates our vision. We welcome the opportunity that the Art Room will bring us to support young people in our Community. Although in the first instance this will be for young people in the Wester Hailes Community, our vision is that The Art Room will develop as an outreach Centre, where young people across the City who are at risk of disengaging from Education can access nurture and support.”

Shiela Patron, Principal of Wester Hailed Education Centre